Our escape rooms are extravagant and unique. They are exciting and created by stage designers and professional gamers who have played thousands of escape rooms.

Time is off the essence. Once you and your team enters the escape room you will need to think outside of the box using your collective knowledge to figure out clues, puzzles, and codes until you successfully accomplish your mission.

An escape room is an absolutely thrilling experience that you will never forget!

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The Cabin

While enjoying a camping trip in the woods, a group of friends head out for a hike and quickly become lost. While frantically searching for their way back to camp they stumble upon a small cabin buried deep in the woods. As the sun fades and darkness approaches they realize they are not alone. With little option and a storm imminent they decide to ride out the night in the cabin.

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Red Riding Hood

The little Red Riding Hood fable you know is fake news! The real news is that Red is a serial killer on the loose! She had a torrid affair with the Big Bad Wolf… it didn’t end well. She despised her Granny’s nagging… it didn’t end well. Go to Grandmother’s house and try to figure out why Red went Hood in the woods. Get ready to experience a real escape game with twists and turns in a realistic setting with surprises.

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Double Crossed

After being hired for and completing a jewelry heist where you and your team made off with over a million dollars in jewels, you are quickly arrested and pinned for the job! You instantly figure out that you have been double crossed by your employer, the corrupt Warden Miller. You now find yourself locked in the intake holding cells of Warden Miller’s maximum security prison. In order to get revenge on your double crosser, you must crack the security and break into the Warden’s office to reclaim what is rightfully yours! Can you break the security, steal back your loot, and escape to freedom? Or will your fate be sealed forever behind the bars of your Double Crosser?

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The CIA has tasked you and your group of secret operatives with preventing a nuclear strike. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into a top secret military bunker and secure the security codes to deactivate the warheads before they are launched! Can you save the world?

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Runaway New York Subway

After partying all night at the New York New York Hotel and casino on the strip, you and your friends wake up in a Runaway NYC Subway! Only in Vegas. You have 30 minutes to Find a way to stop the subway before it crashes!!

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Anonymous Hacker Case

The U.S. Postal service intercepted a briefcase intended for delivery to a known hacker and cyber criminal. Intelligence obtained from a reliable source indicates that the intended recipient is involved in a plot to launch a global cyber attack, aiming to gain access to (and control of) banks, power infrastructures and information systems worldwide. This briefcase is now in your hands – only you can shut it down and save the world!

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