The Number One Las Vegas Escape Room!

An Absolutely Thrilling Escape Room Experience IN NEVADA!


Our game rooms are extravagant and unique. They are exciting and created by stage designers and professional gamers who have played thousands of games.

Time is of the essence. Once you and your team enter the room you will need to think outside of the box using your collective knowledge to figure out clues, puzzles, and codes until you successfully accomplish your mission.

Our rooms are an absolutely thrilling experience that you will never forget!

We are open 7 days a week! From 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm Sunday – Thursday from 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm on Friday & Saturdays! ALL OF OUR ROOMS ARE PRIVATE BOOKINGS AND SANITIZED BETWEEN EACH GAME!!

Las Vegas Escape Room the cabin

The Cabin

While enjoying a camping trip in the woods, a group of friends head out for a hike and quickly become lost. While frantically searching for their way back to camp they stumble upon a small cabin buried deep in the woods. As the sun fades and darkness approaches they realize they are not alone. With little option and a storm imminent they decide to ride out the night in the cabin.


The Shed Escape Room

The Shed

In this thrilling sequel to The Cabin, you and your group find you have escaped from Allen’s house and made your way into a small shed on the property, little did you know you’re right where he wanted you. Now the fun begins… You can hide, but only for so long.


The Cabin & The Shed

The Cabin & The Shed

Looking for something a little more terrifying? Play The Cabin & The Shed together for a 2 hour game you won’t forget! (Book each game separately – back to back).


red riding hood escape game

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a suspect in a series of murders that you and your team of private investigators have been hired to investigate. In this very grim tale your team mission is to go to Grandmother’s house to find out if Red went Hood in the Woods and partnered up with the Big Bad Wolf!


Suzys Cell Escape Room

Suzys Cell

In the late 70’s Suzy Creamcheese was a fashion designer for the Las Vegas mob, Elvis, Cher and a host of celebrities. She owned a clothing store on the strip and called it Suzy Creemcheese. Suzy was heavy into the party scene and was busted for cocaine and sent to a special womens prison. Rumor has it she rocked that jail house. Suzy hid her coke in the prison and after a long night of partying forgot where she hid her stash. Your mission is to find Suzys coke.


Locked In All Night

Locked In All Night

For those players looking for a truly unique experience, come play all night long from 12:30 am to dawn you and your team can play all night, any games, any order, all fun! Available nightly – must be booked 5 days in advance.



You have been chained in your sins – attached to one another in your evil ways. Find the each virtue to conquer the seven deadly sins that chain you in this evil world. This is a 2 player game, and can be booked along with Claustrophobia as a 4 player game.




You and your friend were having a drink on the Strip – it’s the last thing you remember. You wake up separated in a black box. Working together you have 1 hour to escape before the kidnaper comes back and buries you alive! If you are afraid of the dark, being confined in small places, or are CLAUSTROPHOBIC… this is not for you. This is a 2 player game, and can be booked along with Chained as a 4 player game.


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the Vegas game closest to the strip!

Escape Room Definition

We are a live escape adventure game here in Las Vegas. You and your family, friends, or colleagues are locked in a room for an hour, and have to use your brains to figure out how to complete the challenge and escape. To make your way out, you will have to solve a series of mysteries and puzzles. There are no physical challenges or activities involved – you can only use your brains, and you have to piece together clues to figure out how to escape.



How Long Does An Escape Room Take?

Each room has a 60 minute limit from the time you enter to the time you leave. No more, no less. You must escape within the time to win.



How Much Does The Las Vegas Room Cost?

We are open 7 days a week from 12:00 pm – 12:00 am! Each game lasts up to 1 hour and it is $40.00 per person or $35 for locals. Each game is a private experience for you and your friends and can accommodate up to 6 players in one room.



How Difficult is a Room Escape Experience?

About half of our participants escape. It requires no special intelligence: common sense is enough. It requires no special skills, only a basic understanding of written English and numbers. Each room is given a difficulty rating from 1-5. We could tell you more, but that would ruin the experience. You’ll find that this experience is great fun. You and your companions will share a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Each room is carefully designed with your entertainment in mind. It is a fun group activity that is like nothing you have experienced before. Our rooms can be solved with basic logic and teamwork using clues witin the room. We designed the games to be a test of fluid intelligence and teamwork rather than creating puzzles with answers that are obscure.



Does The Best Escape Game in Las Vegas Accommodate Special Occasions?

Yes – in the past we have accommodated birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, goodbye parties, and all types of events. We have even had marriage proposals staged at rooms in other parts of the world.



How Many Players is Best For The Room?

Our rooms are designed for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6. The ideal number, though, is 3-4 players.



What If My Team Can’t Figure Out The Puzzle?

We have designed the game to have a scaling difficulty level so that groups can decide how difficult they want the game to be by using clues from your Gamemaster.



Is The Room Safe? Is it Scary?

It is completely safe. There is nothing designed to cause fear or harm you, and all rooms are monitored by staff throughout your adventure. You can also leave the room at any point if you choose to. No, there is no climbing involved. Nothing heavy to lift. All of our puzzles require mental strength rather than physical strength. Nothing will pop out to scare you although the plot alone may send chills running down your spine and your adrenaline may spike as you get closer to the end and time is running out.



How The Breakout Game Works

Imagine solving puzzles in a confined area with your friends or family with a 60 minute limit counting down while you work together. That is exactly what a breakout game is. Have a blast with your teammates while solving a room escape puzzle!



What If I’m Late To The Breakout Game

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your reservation. The clock automatically starts at your time, so please be on time. Late arrivals will be admitted, but your 60 minute window cannot be extended, so you will have less time to play!



More Information On Our Rooms:

I’m Disabled. Can I Play?

Our current building does not have an elevator or wheelchair access. The vast majority of requires no physical movements, but it is best if each team has at least one member of the team with no mobility limitations. The clues do not require the ability to hear, but a sound is made on occasion to alert people to new clues, so it is best to have at least one team member who can hear. The majority of the clues are visual. Please contact us at if you require any further assistance.



Is There A Minimum Age Requirement?

We advise that only children age 10 and up play, due to the difficulty level of the room escape puzzles. Party members under 16 must be accompanied by an adult age 18 and up.



Am I Grouped With Other Players I Don’t Know?

No, you will never be grouped with other players – the room is yours! We are consistently told by customers that they booked with us because we host private rooms.



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