#1 Escape Room in Las Vegas

You wake up in a dark room in Las Vegas. The door is locked. In the middle of the room is a table with a button. Will you push it, or are you too scared?
#1 Escape Room Las Vegas is an explosive, engaging role-playing game that is taking the country by storm. We provide the ultimate role-playing experience. A range of unique, exciting and intriguing interactive challenges for you and your teammates to solve. The premise is simple: You and your team are trapped in a locked room. You have one objective: Escape!

A Realistic Room Escape Immersive Experience

Our Las Vegas escape room is the most immersive escape game of its kind. Sniff out clues, look for leads and listen up to discover the truth and escape the chamber. Just like in real life, you must use all of your senses to succeed.

Unprecedented Interaction

We use cutting-edge technology to draw you into the experience and interact with the game’s environment as if it were real life. You control the narrative. Every decision has consequences. Every action has a reaction. #1 Escape room has an abundance of mysterious secret passages, thrilling laser traps and automatic mechanisms that will keep you guessing right to the end.

Heroic Adventures

Our breathtaking set designs to bring Hollywood-standard movie features to life. We use beautiful visual decorations and props to create a realistic environment for you to play with. Every chamber has been set up to overwhelm and stimulate your senses. Each room is fun, exciting and challenging. Come and experience what it is like to be the hero in your movie.

The Ultimate Escape Game Challenge

You will be tested. To survive, you will need to think on your feet. You must lead your team out of the tight chamber. You must conquer a barrage of mind-bending puzzles, experiences, and challenges to escape. The clues are in the chamber; you just have to find them. Be creative, be decisive, be observant, and get your team out! The only question is: are you ready?

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary group activity to do here in Las Vegas, you have found it. Number One Escape Room is a live escape room game: you and your team of 2-7 people have 60 minutes to break out from a locked room. You have no tools except your brains. Instead, you have to work together to search for clues for how to escape. It is a perfect way to enjoy a memorable day with your family, friends, or team members. For more information about the escape games we have on offer, go to Rooms. Then click Book Now to reserve your escape adventure.