Best Escape Room Themes

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What makes a great escape room?

One of the most entertaining puzzle games that you can enjoy as an escape room. Unlike many other video games, this game offers a real life experience where the players are locked in a room and are required to solve various puzzles as a condition for getting out of the room. Furthermore, the Escape Room is also a team based game in that the players are required to work collaboratively and not as single entities. There are several Escape room games available in the market, but it is important to ensure that you can select the most appropriate game. Here is a brief overview regarding what makes a great escape room game.

Central objective – A good escape room game must feature a central objective that is designed to guide the activities of the players. Typically, the central objective is usually to escape the room, and this usually entails undertaking various related activities such as establishing the location of the key, ascertaining the right combination for the key and finally, correctly employing the key in unlocking the room.

Team based – As earlier explained the game is a team based game. The atypical game usually comprises of between 4 to 12 players with each player being required to make specific contributions towards attaining the central objective. It is, therefore, important for players to appreciate the role that others play.

Unresolved puzzles – Escape rooms also feature unresolved puzzles that should be addressed by the players to attain the central objective. Most games usually have elements such as filling out a crossword puzzle, completing a pattern matching exercise, establishing the location of various hidden objects and undertaking such activities that are designed to provoke the overall thinking process of the players. The puzzles are also designed to encourage team work through collaboration.

Storylines- A good escape room game usually features a central them that constitutes the main storyline. For instance, the player might be required to save a particular chap who might have been trapped in a given location.

Room atmosphere or theme – every game features its unique room theme. The room theme in this context refers to the background appearance of the room, and this is informed by the storyline of the game. For instance, in case the storyline involves escaping from a jail cell, then the room is most likely to be an old room with dilapidated walls.

Time limit- The players are usually given a time limit for escaping from the room and the typical time limit is usually 60 minutes.

Locked door – The key objective of the escape room is to make the players jump through hoops while trying to escape from the room. In light of this fact, the game must have a locked door that is significantly difficult to unlock.

Several rooms – Most often than not, the player is required to navigate through multiple rooms to finally escape the room.

Concealed doors – Hidden doors are used to make the task of entering into another room significantly more challenging.

Hidden keys – Finally, the keys to unlocking various rooms in the game are usually hidden, and it is up to the players to establish their location.

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