The Top Six fun and unusual things to do in Vegas during CES

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  • Posted : January 3rd, 2023

  1. Sushisamba at Venetian (the lobster roll is amazing)! One of the most popular sushi spots in Vegas. 
  2. Peppermill on the Strip at 1am for Bloody Marys around the fire pit and a local scene favorite! 
  3. Number One Escape Room close to the strip the best escape rooms you have ever played www.NumberOneEscapeRoom.Com
  4. Pinball Hall of Fame is an all time favorite.  
  5. Blackout Dining: A dining experience you will never forget! 
  6. Third Gate Hotel Escape Room with live actor.  The most extravagant over-the-top Vegas-Style escape!  ThirdGateEscape.Com is the most exciting escape room in all of Vegas. It is a combination of a haunted hotel and escape room.  

CES and Number One Escape Room Pass Deal! 

Yay! CES is back! The Number One Escape Room in Las Vegas is offering CES attendees 50% off and a free souvenir Vegas Escape room T-shirt (very high quality material).

CES VIP escape room packages start Thursday, January 5th thru Sunday, January 8th.  CES INDUSTRY attendees will receive their VIP Package deal when showing their deluxe conference pass or exhibit plus pass or by using the booking code CES2023. 

Number One Escape Room is listed as FIVE STARS across the board on sites such as YELP, Google, and Trip Advisor because of the unique and extravagant set designs.  They have two locations with seven unusual games in total; The Cabin, The Shed, Witch House, Suzy’s Cell,  and Red Riding Hood (a twisted bizarre take on the old time fairy tale) and The Third Gate Hotel (an eerie experience with a live actor).  From the moment the doors open until you complete the room it’s immersive; and the level of technology is impressive! If you’ve never played an escape game you were in for a real treat. Brush off those brain cobwebs and get ready to immerse yourself in the game.  Working together as a team is important but looking for hidden keys and clues alone is also part of the game.  As soon as you enter the room, gather up everything in the room that you think is part of the puzzle.  Make sure to tell and show your teammates what you have found. (There is nothing more annoying than looking for a key and your teammate has it in their pocket).  If you get stumped on a game, the gamemaster (who is always watching you) will give you a clue to help you escape.  

Just so you know you are not “locked” in a room.  Exit access is as simple as opening the door and leaving.  At Number One Escape Room the rooms are like walking onto a Hollywood set.  In witch House, for example, you are truly in a Witches House that has exploded with spells and has a hocus-pocus magical feeling.  The games are incredibly imaginative and once you figure out a game it leads to the next game.  There are secret passages and hidden surprises that will take you away from hectic busy lifestyle and into a magical world of laughter and fun. When you and your friends are finished with a game, guaranteed you all will want to play another game.  Escape Rooms are addictive.

Once you’ve played one, you’ll want to play more. Playing an immersive escape room can give you a real rush of adrenaline, and before you know it you’ll crave that feeling again, which is why booking multiple escape rooms on the same day is a great idea! But before you rush off to book your next adventure, there are a few things you should consider. Here’s everything you need to know to plan the ultimate day full of escape room fun!

Back-to-Back discount

First of all, did you know we offer a Back-to-Back discount? It’s a great way to get your escape room fix and save.  The more games you play the less you pay. But we’re a pretty busy place, and our schedule tends to fill up quickly, especially on weekends, so you’ll have to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of the discount.

If you’re thinking about booking multiple escape rooms, then timing is everything. Not just with respect to our game schedule, but your own as well. Consider the time of day you’re coming: if you might be hungry or tired and need a break between games, consider how you might feel after your first game and whether or not you’ll need a breather. If you’re planning to play a horror-themed game, it may take some time for your heart rate to return to normal. Or maybe you want to ride the high and bounce from game to game. Either way, the time in between games and how you want to use it is definitely something you should consider when you’re booking multiple escape rooms.

Maximize your experience

One thing else to consider is what order you’ll play your games to maximize your experience. Some people prefer to start with an easier game and work their way up to a more challenging one. Some people like to ease into an adventure game before braving something horror-themed. Either way, choosing the sequence of your games is important to make sure that you are having the best time possible.

If we’ve convinced you to plan a day of escape rooms, then you can check out our online bookings at