Frequently Asked Room Escape Game Questions At Number One Escape Room LV

1. What in the world is an escape room game?

Imagine being Indiana Jones and trying to solve mysteries while exploring a complex environment that’s filled with clues and mind-boggling puzzles. This sums up the experience of being in an escape room.

2. Escape rooms are designed to be challenging!

An easy escape room wouldn’t be any fun. Puzzles usually require both teamwork and logic. Number One Escape Room in Las Vegas is proud to have a vast range of challenging puzzles while still providing plenty of excitement.

3. You get to build your team!

Be sure to arrive with a group of people that you can easily cooperate with. The basis of every successful escape room game (like our Zombie Lab or our Bank Robbery room) is good communication. Spending time in our challenging rooms is a great way to foster teamwork.

4. Will you be paired up with total strangers?

Unfortunately, there are many escape rooms throughout the United States that regularly pair people up with total strangers, unless they’re willing to buy all of the tickets for an entire room. This isn’t something that we do. Who wants to spend time in a mysterious and dark room with a bunch of random strangers? Some escape room games will allow you to reserve the whole game for your party, but you have to verify that this is the case before going. It’s usually pretty awkward when you have to meet a bunch of new people right at the start of the game. Hopefully, the odds are in your favor … or you can make your reservations at Number One Escape Room Las Vegas.

5. Make Comparisons

A lot of escape game companies have been given five-star ratings, much like they deserve. Carefully read through the reviews of these businesses because people who have been to these locations have written them. You’ll soon discover that not every escape game room has been created equally, and reviews are going to help you choose the one that’s best for you, your group, and your goals. Some locations will have Game Masters move through the room with you; others might have poor customer support, excessively strict rules, or other issues – so make sure to research your options carefully.

6. Read The FAQS

Escape room games are relatively new in the United States, and thus, we’re used to getting lots of questions. All escape room companies should have FAQ sections on their websites – and if they don’t or if you have additional questions, be sure to contact these entities directly. We want to help you have a fun, exciting and truly immersive experience and so, we’re committed to helping you find the best games for your goals and preferences.

7. Pro tip: Don’t drink before you show up!

An escape room is a real-life, hands-on, logical puzzle. Things that inhibit logic or that cause you to be otherwise impaired will put a damper on your experience. You can party after you’ve completed the game. Number One Escape Room is close to many exciting restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

Bottom Line: Be ready to go with the flow and to have plenty of excitement, stimulation, & fun! Check out our range of exciting escape room games at the Las Vegas Number One Escape Room.

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