Escape Room – A Team Building Activity For Employees

escape room

In many ways, a team goes through the same experience in an escape room as they do in business.

If you didn’t have any team building exercises at work lately, escape rooms are a fun-filled room escape game alternative to create some bonding within a work team. It will allow you to explore different aspects and identify roles, but it is also a great way to improve communication between teams by having them involved in the team activities of the escape room.

Here are some of my observations during my latest escape room trip. I hope my angle will serve to give you new reasons to explore the escape room.

Building Team Work: Understand your positioning

The first learning you get from escape rooms is the significance to teamwork. The only difference between a correct collaboration and a poor one is the ability of each team member to understand their position.

Imagine a scenario where you and your 5 team members are in a room and are required to navigate through many clues to find a virus and its antidote in 16 minutes.

Now, you could find yourself in two situations:

Every member of the team is insistent on being the leader and dictating to others what to do, or everyone is focusing on the same clues without moving on to other clues.

No one is willing to take the authority. There is no communication between the members, and everyone is trying something different without sharing the knowledge with others. Ideally, you would prefer someone with more understanding to take the lead so you can go in the correct direction with some clarity of roles.

Whole good correspondence will be the key element, but it should be complemented with all team members performing their task to the best of their capabilities:

  • An executive could delegate tasks to team members, and collect the findings.
  • A marketer can be innovative and search for new ways to explain the clues.
  • An IT expert might understand the use of different types of tools available in the room better than others and can also help with locks and decoding of clues.
  • A sales rep can keep an eye for everything such as the walls and floor and reach out to the support to work on the locks with any identified numbers or letter clues the salesperson observed.escape room

Always sticking with the rules.

People often get stuck in escape rooms the similar way they find themselves trapped in business: they always stick to the rules.

Thinking outside the box and beyond rules is a good way to get out of the escape room where most distractions are in place to confuse you and your team members to make the correct decisions.

  • Is a direction a clue or just to create more confusion?
  • Do really need to focus on a key for a lock or is this a trap for you?

In everyday business, you deal with many distractions. The quality of your work and your achievements are linked with your ability to remain focused to get things done. An escape room gives you the chance to sharpen your focusing skills and make the correct choices, quick.

The last time, I was trapped in an escape room, all members faced many options and making the right choice took a lot of correspondence, team building, and rational thinking.

So here’s where the similarities between escape rooms and business become evident. You do not need to focus on all locks, and not all keys will get you out of the room. Much like the real business where you are presented with many options, only the correct one matters. By using rational thinking, critical analysis and intuition you can succeed.

It takes a lot of guts not to remain focus on the task at hand. You might not get the desired results, but even then you will be able to save time and not held back by the many options distracting you.

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