The Best Time of Year to Visit Las Vegas, NV

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  • Posted : November 26th, 2017

There is not a perfect time to visit Las Vegas. Given that most of the visitors spend the majority of time indoors, you can visit during any season. There are many activities in Las Vegas that run year-round because of the beautiful weather. Most people find the summer months in Las Vegas to be unbearable because of the heat and will only partake in indoor activities. The heat causes people to choose vacation dates in the winter months between December and February, but the city is more crowded, and you should expect higher room rates. Spring months between March and May as well as Autumn months of September through November, therefore tend to be the recommendation. Visiting at these times means fewer crowds and the weather is not so severe, and you can enjoy some outdoor attractions and activities too.

January: The average temperatures are around 58 degrees F with lows close to 39 degrees. This month typically is the second coldest month of the year.

February: The average highs will be around 62 degrees and low temperatures close to 43 degrees. February also sees the most precipitation, with annual rates averaging close to one inch.

March: Spring arrives in the city with pleasant temperatures in the low seventies and the nights can cool down to 49 degrees, but are still warmer than those winter months.

April: Temperatures continue to increase on average per day with nights as low as 56 degrees and highs closer to 78.

May: Average daily highs creep up to 89 degrees. May is the month with the most considerable disparity between day and night temperatures as the evenings cool down to 66 degrees.

June: The month when Las Vegas gets the most amount of sunshine, with an average of over 402 hours of exposure and zero rainfall. The heat of this summer month can be intense with no precipitation and highs up to 99 degrees.

July: This is the peak of the Las Vegas summer and the hottest month of the year, with temperatures climbing to 104 degrees. The lows at night cool down to 79 degrees, which was the high only a few months back.

August: Still sweltering, but the temperature cools to around 102. August registers as the city’s second hottest month.

September: This is technically the start of the fall season, but temperatures are still as high as 94 degrees with nights cooling down to 71.

October: Temperatures start to fall delivering highs around 81 degrees and lows in the high fifties.

November: This month brings the most significant fall in temperatures with days running close to 66 degrees and nights cooling to 47.

December: This is the coldest month of the year, with highs close to 57 degrees and the nights cooling to 39 degrees.

Las Vegas always has plenty to see and do so there is never a wrong time to visit. Mid-week trips are recommended to avoid the hustle of the weekend rushes. The fewer crowds there are, the cheaper your rates will be too. If you are going to the parties, then the biggest and best events are typically held in March. If you plan to see the Grand Canyon during your stay, then schedule a spring or fall visit. Camping season starts in September, so plan accordingly if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors rather than the indoors.

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