How To Save Money in Your Next Trip To Las Vegas

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  • Posted : November 29th, 2017

A visit to Las Vegas does not always have to break the bank. There are some ways to save so you can visit on a budget and still get the same exciting Vegas experience.


MyVegas is one of the top ways to save money. This is a Facebook and online game that allows you to play games and earn credits. These credits can be exchanged for real-life perks including hotel comps, discounted hotel rates, spa certificates, restaurant or show discounts as well as free-play in casinos. You need to remember that it takes some time to accumulate credits that will translate into anything of significant value. If you are diligent, then you can earn yourself some nice treats and big savings. You can visit their website to obtain some additional chips for the MyVegas game. You may have to play for a year or so, but think how worth it that is to see the Cirque show and stay at the MGM for free.

Rewards Cards

Every hotel chain has their own rewards cards and programs that can help you to save. Each time you play, eat, shop or stay at their locations you earn points. These points can be redeemed as hotel stays, spa treatments or free play on the casino floor. The best part of these rewards cards is that they can be used off-site at any sister companies to continue earning points for you.

Go Off-Strip

Given that the Strip is where most of the action happens, it is the go-to place for most Vegas visitors. There are savings to be had if you are willing to venture off the beaten path a little. Depending on the hotel, you can get significant savings if they are located off the strip. A room in Caesars can cost you $859, and the same room in the Palms will be $581. That is a big enough savings to get you some nice meals and a show or two.

Rent a car

It may not seem like it’s necessary, but renting a car does save. When you add up the taxi fare to and from the airport, it actually ends up being more than a two-day car rental. Parking at the hotels is free so there is no additional cost, plus you have a car to get you around at your own convenience for when you do want to venture away from the strip.

Get an upgrade

To get an upgrade and live on the fancy side, try the $20 trick. When you check in to your hotel, slip a $20 bill between the credit card and your ID when you hand them to the desk clerk. Not all agents will submit to this, but you are in Vegas so it may just be worth the gamble. You can even check online for listings of hotels where this has worked before to balance the odds more in your favor.

Visit during the week

This is a tip for all destinations really, but especially valid for Vegas. The weekends are always booked and crowded, which means higher room rates. There is no need to feel slighted by visiting during the week, because Vegas parties every day, so you won’t miss out on anything.

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