How to Choose Which Escape Room to Play

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Escape rooms have become a popular game over the years. The game entails you and your team finding clues and solving puzzles to either escape a room or complete a specific goal in a given time period (usually 60 minutes). If you have not been in an escape room before, it may be hard for you to choose an escape room to visit. However, this article will help you determine how you can choose an escape room.

Choosing an escape room

If you are looking for escape rooms in your city or town, you can start by visiting sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Most escape room businesses have listed their locations, themes, and stories. You need to consider the room which sounds exciting/interesting to you because escape rooms are all about fun. If there are several escape rooms in your town or city to choose from, you are lucky because you’ve variable options. There are different storylines and themes depending on the escape room you’ve visited. Do you feel like halting a missile launch before time runs out or robbing a bank? You can also escape from a serial killer, find treasures or even detonate a bomb! You need to take into account who is on your team because some themes and physical requirements needed may not be suitable for everyone.

Companies offering escape rooms are very good at listing what is expected from players. They also list whether there are any fear factors and any other relevant details. Not all escape rooms require you to be locked inside; hence, you don’t have to be worried because you have plenty of options to choose from.

escape rooms

Picking your team and making a booking

When picking a team, it is recommended you select a group of people who know each other very well to facilitate effective communication in an escape room. You will also identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses to help each other in completing the task given. Having diversity on a team is okay because it helps the team have different approaches and mindset to a task. Escape games are very effective in team building, strengthening and improving communication and improving teamwork skills. With all these benefits, escape room is a great social activity for friends and family.

Escape rooms have different rules depending on the objective and the owner. Some escape rooms take bookings until they reach the room capacity. This means that, if you don’t book all the slots, you may end up playing with strangers. On the other hand, some escape rooms companies can offer you the entire room as a private booking.

When booking an escape room, you should inquire about these details to help you understand and avoid disappointments after booking. However, playing with strangers is not a bad thing after all but if it is your first time, playing with the people you know is the best option.

Escape rooms have different capacities. Most rooms have a minimum of 2 players, and the maximum can be between 4 or 10+.

When you start playing escape rooms, having more players helps you complete the task with ease. However, the more you play, the more you will feel the need to play with a small team to participate as much as you would like. Sometimes when you play with a large team, you may not be much involved in solving some puzzles. Don’t hesitate to call an escape room to inquire about their services if you have any question.

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